Programs and Projects NewStories supports

All over the world people are stepping forward to create the lives they want and the communities that nourish them. Over the years we have come into relationship with many people doing this work of creating new stories.  For some without a nonprofit base in the US, we serve as fiscal agents.  We also listen to the stories of their work, sometimes help them name deeper patters, connect them with each other, nourish them to the extent we are able, support them as they take action and help to illuminate it to the world.

Through our work with these programs and projects we’ve come to see what we call the Spiral of Co-Creating — a way of seeing the work we do, together, to create the lives and communities we want now.

In our Two Loops model, sometimes this work is on the declining sweep of the first loop, creating shift in old systems and other times it is pioneering new initiatives building a new now.  In both cases, we name, connect, nourish and illuminate them.

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